Quality Services, We Guarantee!

With WBG our clients experience a peace of mind that we have taken steps for you to receive consistent quality services.

  • Quality Cleaning - Our experienced and reliable staff will enhance your space using green friendly cleaning products and HEPA approved equipment.
  • Our Experienced Crews - Every employee receives training on cleaning procedures on location and continued training, along with safety training. What does this mean to you? Employees take pride in their work and stay with their job longer when they receive training. This means the customer’s building will receive higher quality of work with more consistency.
    • All of our crewmembers pass background and substance abuse checks. In addition, I-9 verifications, branded uniforms, photo ID’s and continuous training sessions from supervisors is provided. In this way, whether services are during or after hours, you can be assured that only safe and responsible personnel are properly handling the cleaning duties at your place of business.
  • Quality Control Inspections - Get acquainted with your own quality control personnel, who will preform regularly scheduled building inspections to ensure your needs are being met. This keeps the channels of communication open between staff and clients at all times and you don’t have to spend the time worrying about it.
  • Customized Cleaning Programs - Special requests are not a problem, let's design a customized cleaning program. Please do not hesitate to send in your request.